After releasing several singles including, “LaLaLa,” and “Money Honey,” FELIN has finally released her debut album, “Reckless Dreamers.” The Stockholm- based artist is edgy and the drums throughout command your attention. The 12- track album is a mix of pop and rock and is quite powerful, especially “Money Honey.” Definitely one of my favourites and the overall feeling of the album reminds me of Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson’s song “Candy.”

“Money Honey is a modern Bonnie and Clyde story on speed about being madly in love, breaking all the rules and limits,” FELIN says about the track. “This song is loud and fast - just like the adrenaline rush when you do something forbidden. It’s one of the most playful songs on the upcoming album and I wanted to capture that wild romance feeling, when you feel like anything is possible.”

First track, “Red Lights” is slow to begin with but builds up the tempo with its catchy drum beats. “Mad Love” talks about falling in love versus obsession and the beauty about giving into temptation. “Berlin” is touching with its subdued tones and a slower track by comparison. “Woman with a Knife” has a catchy beat and lyrics and like most of FELIN’S lyrics is quite edgy and dark. “Blood on my Hands,” has a pop feel to it and again deals with love and betrayal. “The End” starts of sombre and has a darker overall feel to it.

‘LaLaLa’ is about being mistreated and hurt by someone and while you’re destroyed, they just go on with their life as if nothing has happened. That can make anyone go a little psycho, right? And even if you would never act on it, the villain in you secretly wishes for karma to bite back when they least expect it” says FELIN.

The lyrics throughout “Reckless Heart,” are honest and nothing is off the table with FELIN. I enjoy albums that bare the artists soul and inner feelings whether good or bad. Raw, honest, heartfelt lyrics are the ones that stay with you. “Reckless Heart” is an album that breaks all the rules and is best played on maximum volume. If you’re feeling a little angry at the world this album will help you relieve your frustrations.