This latest EP from NAHLI proves that music can be the best form of therapy as this fledgling young artist lays her heart on the line with a gritty urban attitude. ‘Therapy Side A’ has a fresh young sound that resonates not just with the younger audience but with older people. The themes of the EP are timeless. Love and loss, parental issues and broken relationships. Record producer DaVinChe is once again on board for this one and his expertise shines through on this EP as he guides NAHLI's emotional outpouring into cohesive and catchy pop songs. He brings out the best in NAHLI's unique vocals and these cool tracks effortlessly plug into the streetwise vibe of its young audience. In the past DaVinChe has worked with such urban stars as Lily Allen, Jess Glynn, Professor Green, Estelle, Jamilia, Tinie Tempah, Tinchie Stryder, Stormzy and Etta Bon. NAHLI does not shy away from anger in the direction of her vocals and her angelic voice can sit comfortably with scorching lyrics and colourful language.

The EP is an overview of the five stages of grief. Each track depicts a different stage of process and acceptance:
The first is denial (Relapse), then depression (Blake/F.Y.M) then anger (Mama’s Boy) and finally bargaining and acceptance.

The first is denial (Relapse), then depression (Blake/F.Y.M) then anger (Mama’s Boy) and finally bargaining and acceptance.
‘F.Y.M [***K You More] is a blistering track that skillfully mixes aggression with smooth harmony:
“The eyes you’ve been looking through, how could I face you again?” and “Cos if I still have a piece of you, you got me too.”
'Daddy Issues' is a song that gets to the core reason for every dysfunctional relationship that women have with men and this stems from a dysfunctional relationship with the Father. Speaking about 'Daddy Issues' Nahli said “Daddy Issues is a sore one for me. I’ve always had a bit of an odd relationship with my Dad which had a knock-on effect on my future relationships and I accepted way too much bullshit.”

'Blake' is another break-up song and treads the fine line between love and depression.
New single 'Mama’s Boy' sounds like radio airplay candy and a sweet sound coupled with heartbreaking lyrics
“Why did I believe that you’d fight and die for me? We almost had a baby.”
'Therapy Side A' is intimately personal, raw and speaks with an honest pure voice that is refreshing in these times of the over-polished and saccharine sweet pop song. Speaking of the EP Nahli said “Time heals all wounds. This EP healed mine.”
NAHLI's career is going from strength to strength and she will feature on Sigma’s upcoming album and Professor Green’s new track.