For anyone who is into classic Psych this should be essential listening.

BaBa ZuLa hail from Istanbul and in the last twenty or so years they have been developing music that takes the listener to places unseen and unheard in ‘natural’ realms.
Truly psychedelic and transcendent, visionary and bloody wonderful.

Much of this album came from the music that they wrote for a documentary about falcons and, listening closely, it isn’t difficult to ‘see’ the birds flying across the desert and hills of Turkey, the electronic portions taking you to the brain of the birds on the hunt and in for the kill.
But there is also a deep rhythmic element that slows your heartbeat, resonating like the desert winds, pacifying but setting your senses on high alert.

There is beauty here as well with wistful tracks such as ‘Sahin Iksiri’ beautifully played, gentle and calming while ‘Transcendance’ takes the listener on a stirring trip, starting out with a heavy rhythm but developing and changing into some form of aural light show.

Music that really goes deep into the psyche is rare – many bands try it but very few actually achieve psychedelic music.
This is strong stuff but wonderful too.