Meat Loaf is suing bosses at a Texas hotel, alleging their negligence resulted in his lengthy hospitalisation following a stage fall.

According to a complaint obtained by America's Courthouse News Service, the singer and his wife Deborah Gillespie claim he was hospitalised for 42 days after the incident at the Hyatt Regency at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

The incident unfolded last May when Meat Loaf, real name Michael Lee Aday, was preparing to speak on a panel during the Texas Frightmare Weekend horror convention in Dallas, with the 72-year-old claiming that as he arrived on stage he "put his foot down on part of the curtain that had nothing beneath it."

Meat Loaf alleges he lost his footing as, "there was no stage floor beneath his foot, his foot and leg went down into air, causing him to fall off the stage, resulting in serious injuries."

The couple is also suing Frightmare Weekend organisers, alleging the star sustained injuries to his neck, collar bone, and shoulder, resulting in him requiring physical therapy.

The Bat Out of Hell rocker and his wife are holding both hotel and festival chiefs responsible, claiming they were "negligent" as they, "failed to do their job to provide a safe environment and ultimately Meat Loaf got seriously injured because of their failures."

Describing the alleged failings, their complaint adds: "In setting up the stage, the defendants hung curtains from a tall frame at the back edge of the stage. The curtains came past the bottom of the stage where participants were walking and hid where the stage ended. Therefore, when viewing the stage from the participants' standpoint, one would be unable to determine how much space they had while walking near the curtains before they would fall off the backside of the stage."

Representatives for the hotel and Frightmare Weekend have not yet responded to the lawsuit.