The 'Watermelon Sugar' singer - whose second solo LP, 'Fine Line', drops next week - finds it "bittersweet" letting people hear his work for the first time because it no longer solely belongs to him but it's also "exciting" finding out what others think of it.

Speaking to Tom & Daisy on 'KISS Breakfast', he said: "It's a little bittersweet because you live with it for so long and it feels like it's yours. Then you start giving it away. That's the most exciting part, having people hear it for the first time. It's fun. I assume the pain's not the same, but it feels a little like giving birth."

And Harry admitted he "hates" people hearing his songs before they are completely finished.

He said: "My sister heard some stuff pretty early on. She came by the studio.... I HATE playing stuff before it's finished."

The former One Direction singer is preparing to guest host 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' again later this month and although he enjoyed his first stint at the helm of the talk show, he doesn't think presenting comes naturally to him.

He said: "I did it once before when he had a baby, it was a little more of an emergency step in. And I had fun. I have a lot more time to prepare this time.. I don't think it feels super natural. It's quite nice doing something different, to do something that'd not usually part of the job I guess."

Although Harry was previously praised for his performance in his debut film 'Dunkirk', it doesn't see that fans will be seeing him in any more movies any time soon.

Asked if he'll return to acting next year, he said: "We'll have to see. I'm on tour all year!"

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