Jocelyn Brown owned her set with her passion and powerful vocals. She drew the enthusiastic musos in and on their feet with her classic rendition of ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’. Gospel vocals rang out through the stage, as Brown sang her range of timeless hits- Always There, Something Going On, Enough is Enough as the crowd were on their feet as the songstress performance kept them on the hook.

A flurry of veteran, legendary artists took to the stage – Bananarama, Aswad, Hot Chocolate, The Thompson Twins, Five Star and Soul 11 Soul were among the retro trip down old Skool memory lane.

Mellow and rich reggae vibes led the song list, as Aswad were in the spotlight – a chilled, relaxed set, which was served up with compelling harmonies as the audience appreciation reached new heights.

Smooth 80s sounds were Hot Chocolate’s trade mark, which were stamped on Chilfest with their vintage, infamous singles ‘You Sexy Thing’ and ‘Love is Life’.

Uptempo beats were on the list as The Thompson Twins aka Tom Bailey indulged fans with ‘Hold Me Now’ and ‘ Doctor Doctor’, while Bananarama aka Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin less the signature monkey boots were still in possession of strong vocals as they did justice to their track ‘Venus’ to the joy of the slightly older audience members.

Upbeat accompanied with a turnaround tempo were the delightful Soul 11 Soul - displaying the classic and beautifully executed tracks of ‘Back to Life’ and ‘Get a Life’ while Jazzie B interacted with the heightened audience enthusiasts.

Chilfest gifted the die hard 80s music fans with overflowing retro cups and a nostalgic festival that is well worth a look ….