Ian Prowse has quite a history as a musician through solo work and with the bands Pele and, currently, Amsterdam.

This album has a very personal feel to it, I get the feeling that these songs represent many different facets and experiences directly felt by him and there is an unfettered soul that resides here.

It has the feel of a ‘90’s pop album but far more advanced than that and the music has a real sense of rhythm, of life and a joyous intensity to it that immediately endears itself to the listener.
There are 11 tracks and while Prowse voice is a common thread they are all very individual – it feels clear that this is the album of his heart and the songs represent a life of people and experiences that have built up.

The title track is deep and poignant while ‘The Ballad Of North John Street’ celebrates his history with a huge ballad. ‘Something’s Changed’ has a great attack and punch to it – in a real indie style – and ‘Rebel Girl’ takes you to the green grasses of Ireland with a keening elegy to a lost love. Every song stands on its own but it is as a collection that you begin to see the man himself coming through.
The playing all through is top notch and really delivers the songs but there is no question that this is Ian Prowse’s album and not a new Amsterdam set.

Ian Prowse is a quality musician and he brings a great taste of himself to this album.