Listening to this blast of bombastic, desperate and brimful mini-album, bordering on shambles I couldn’t see it coming from anywhere else than Birmingham and so it proved.

Black Bombers celebrate the mid-eighties rockers such as The Gun Club & The Cramps and their history takes in Gunfire Dance (Darren Birch – Bass), The Prefects & TV Eye (Dave Twist – drums), Horsefeathers (Alan Byron – guitar & vocals) and, to quote Darren, “we imagined a cross between Blue Cheers and Crazy Horse”.

What you, the listener, gets is 6 tracks that rush out of the speakers with all the subtlety of a herd of elephants after a poacher and no little amount of talent to drive it along.

Alan’s vocals crack and sneer alongside his distorted and twisted guitar lines while Darren & Dave propel the tracks forward with all the joy and sleaze of 77 era punks.

It is huge fun, enervating and exhilarating in turn and if you dig The Stooges or MC5 there will be something here well worth dropping into.
Oh, hell YEAH!!