'Relapse' is the latest single from young female artist Nahli and this smooth track beckons the listener into it's beautiful vibe. It starts with a slow drum beat that echoes the beat of the city and then leads you into Nahli's swooping sexy vocals.

The theme of this track is the tried and tested theme of love but with a new angle. This song is all about struggling to let go of people and relapsing into a relationship you shouldn't be in. The lyrics of ‘Relapse’ make these feelings clear:

'I hit you up every day you were ignoring me what if I relapse? Don't want to get hit with pain'

The singing style is strictly urban, as we are pulled into a funky trance with colourful language that is reminiscent of a young Lily Allen in style but with a sweeter truer tone.

This is pure R&B and the talent behind the scenes in this case is manager DaVinChe who is a music veteran and who has also worked with the likes of Shola Ama to promote female talent for ALKMY Records.

'Relapse' is the follow up single to Nahli's previous successful single release last year 'Say Nothin'.

'Relapse' has a fresh natural style with an irresistible hook that leaves you wanting to hear more of the character at the heart of this single's story. It's refreshing to hear a young performer coming into the R&B music scene with a unique raw and sparkling approach.

This is a fresh take on R&B by this young talented singer.