English rock band The Coral are back once again touring their new Album 'Move Through The Dawn' nationwide, this evening stopping off in beautiful Oxford.

After two decades of hits, the band are obviously playing to a sold out crowd. With that amount of material, they have a lot to get through during the gig. They clearly know what they are doing, starting the evening with new track 'Sweet Release' followed by an evening intertwining new hits with old catchy numbers.

The band rattle through newer tracks such as 'Eyes like pearls', 'Outside my window', 'Reaching out for a friend', She's a runaway' and 'Stormbreak', combining those with tracks from over the years, with time-honored classics such as 'Pass it on', 'Jacqueline' and 'In the morning'.

The band stop during the gig to chat with the crowd and show just how much love they still have for touring even after all this time.

The evening ends with an encore of belters starting with 'Goodbye' and ending with 'Dreaming of you' which sends the crowd happily on their way!

Since 2001 the band have proved time and again they have the longevity, having sold over one million UK albums, scoring eight top forty singles along the way.

The band have a number of nights left on this tour followed by festival appearances this summer.