We are living in uncertain times and this single seems to sum up that feeling perfectly.

Philip Marino is a American artist, relocated to the UK and currently living in Norwich. He sits squarely in the Americana side of folk/country and has 4 albums to his name.

The song is dark and full of emotion as Marino sings his song of discovering that all we had hoped for was just hopes. The emotional result of living life on your own terms is a sense of never really having the satisfaction of ending on your own terms.

With Pamela Grieve’s fiddle playing almost a drone in the back, allowing Marino’s vocal and acoustic guitar to take the melody and the slow, melancholic pace of the song, it aims for the heart and hits it hard.

The best of country and Americana is not in the up-tempo ‘yee-hah’ groove but rather in the attention to human realities and Marino is a terrific exponent of just that.
This isn’t nice or sweet but it has a reality to it that you cannot ignore.