Australian band Electric Mary have been around for about 10 years and I believe that this is their 4th studio album; it is certainly their best yet.

The formula is nothing incredibly new – even someone with little history in classic rock will hear Zeppelin influences – but their music has real power and confidence,
Rusty Brown is a fine vocalist and the twin guitar leads of Pete Robinson & Brett Wood give the music real breadth. Alex Rauniak (bass) and Spyder (drums) anchor the band and the five work as a real unit.

They are, of course, more than just Zeppelin influenced rockers.
Tracks like ‘Sorry Baby’ have a strongly melodic element to them and they show that they can ring the changes with outright rockers such as ‘It’s Alright’ which hammers the listener into submission with the sheer power and attack of the number before moving not a brooding and dense mid-section that really shows Brown’s vocal strengths.

The Classic Rock scene is alive and electric at the moment and bands like Electric Mary, whose live performances are becoming the stuff of legends, are a crucial part of that scene.

This is a classic album, full of the stuff that can be listened to time and again and I cannot wait to see this material performed live.