No stranger to the stage and screen, one of The Guardians of the Galaxy", Tom Proctor will be releasing his singing/songwriting album debut entitled, "Working Man" worldwide on June 15th, 2018. The record was recorded at the famous Dark Horse Recording Studios, home of artists such as Taylor Swift and Matchbox 20, Tim McGraw, amongst others. The album is a conglomerate of story-telling majesty, heart filled passion, and orgasmic drama, from a man that's lived a fast and furious life thus far.

Tom Proctor can tell you tales of his life for the next 30 years without taking a breath. He's been a stuntman, has trained horses, has been in over 250 full contact fights and aside from films has also appeared on major TV. His love for song and story began at a young age through encouragement from his grandmother Maxine. Although he played the drums already, after winning a guitar in an arm wrestle he realized the calming effect of the strings. Many of his songs are written on a whim or in a dream, or through a psychic revelation. Most have a story behind the story of the song, and all are genre defying.

"They're not country, they're not rock, then what are they? They are songs. If you're listening to it and trying to categorize it you would be wasting your time, but if you listen with your heart, you'll have a good day".... Tom Proctor

The band that "fell into his lap", as he says, are top notch, and so named The A-Listers. Composed of Billy "Thunder" Mason, Geoff Butterworth, Mark Corradetti, and Mark Thomas. According to Proctor, they could make a trained monkey sound good.

Listening to Tom's music is an addicting experience. His lyrics are compelling and captivating. His music is relevant and harmonious. Taken from life's experiences one can identify with the emotions and themes of the tracks. Sounding much like a mix between Bob Seger and Kenny Rogers, his followers are growing by the day. The album has already created a huge buzz based on the first single released titled “In Hollywood” and it has not even been released yet.

Tom proctor will be going on a special tour. He will be packing up his Harley and journeying from state to state stopping to play backyard barbecues. He feels this is a way of giving back to all of those who have been supportive of his efforts. He is also trying to produce a television show with his backyard barbecue experiences....