A fifties themed rock n roll bar opened on green lanes, Haringey.The bar was called the bebopalula. There was a singer this night called Miss Jones and a DJ till late.Walking into the pub, you can tell that there is a lot of attention to detail to make the pub feel very fifties rock n roll.

The band were preparing to go on.

Miss Jones looking very glamorous in leopard skin dress, with her Lengardo guitar. A mixture of Diane Dors and Sparkle Moore. They started up with Johnny be good with Miss Jones effortlessly belting out this classic, a strong voice she has, gutsy but soft when it needed to be, she is a dapper hand at playing that impressive looking guitar too.

Miss Jones tells us her idol is Wanda Jackson and then goes into a Wanda Jackson song called 'tore down'. A nice song with a nice guitar solo. Local legend Doris was the first to dance,she encourages others to get up and dance too.

Miss Jones sings a number called 'funnel of love' which is a good showpiece for her vocal range.'Dream Lover' follows to slow it down a little,a classic Everly brothers song.

Next ' that's alright mama and shake rattle and roll'.

Miss Jones sings ' blue moon' with a deep melancholy, the crowd appreciate it with a round of applause.

Patsy Cline is next, the classic 'walking after midnight'.

Next a song called 'skull and crossbones' a song by sparkle Moore, nice melody and good song.

Next up is the Everly brothers, ' bye bye love' another melancholic song. Miss Jones picks up the tempo with' don't you do me no wrong'Frogman is up next with 'ain't got no home' .

There is a break at this point.A good rocking night, which I would wholly recommend.