Bright and enthusiastic melodic pop – excellent playing and songs that really catch the ear. What’s not to like?

The opening number ‘Cadillac’ has a jaunty air and some restrained horn playing underplaying his staccato vocal style. The guitar break is a delight and the rhythm is completely addictive – a terrific pop song and one that I found myself cueing up time and again. It has a late eighties feel to it without going for retro and I really dug it.

‘Indigo’ is a lovely song; really light and full of airy bounce. Again, it is filled with a catchy melodic touch, some lovely playing and production and really should be out there as a single.

The heaviest number here would be ‘Stigmata’ with its darker tone and thumping beat alongside heartfelt vocals and some subtle electronics. It is almost Prog in the meandering drift of the song and overall is probably the best number here.

I can completely get why Shaun Kelly and mates have been #1 in the indie charts in the US. This is music that doesn’t stay within boundaries or trap itself into a particular groove and it will translate well to radio or download formats but at its heart it is music that Kelly and the band want to play – not what they are supposed to.