Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park returned on Sunday with its popular music line up for their 'festival in a day'. It was a busy, bustling, relaxed atmosphere in amongst the waves of rain, numerous classic songs and crowd pleasers.

Stereophonics started the day off with a mixed set of old and new including 'A Local Boy In The Photograph', a reminder that their first album was released 20 years ago. Transporting people back to the 80's was Rick Astley who got the crowd on his side for his last show of the year. The crowd joined in for 'Never Gonna Give You Up' including those who wouldn't want to admit they knew the lyrics.

With a crowd of over 60,000, sets were interjected with interviews of artists and music DJ slots including Craig Charles with Soul music. Successful musician Seth Lakeman brought folk music from the West Country to the festival in the afternoon accompanied by Wildwood Kin, their biggest audience to date.

The unmistakable smooth vocal of Emilie Sandie came next leaving on an emotional high as she finished her set with 'Next to Me'. Shania Twain had the worst of the rain but kept on going in her glittery jacket going slightly off set with her acapella with the crowd. Her entrance was the most dramatic and her songs old and new kept those who stayed swaying. Having taken time away from his tour in the US with Ed Sheeran, James Blunt worked with the crowd, his most memorable moment not related to music or the stage but to a dingy!

Those who persisted with the rain were rewarded for sticking it out. Blondie wowed the crowd and demonstrated their classic line up with energy and tight musicianship. Classics including 'Atomic' and 'Maria' moved the crowds, but the big song was 'Heart Of Glass', a treat for fans. With her flamboyant head garland Debbie Harry shared her message to protect the bees, in her own iconic way and still looking cool.

Take That completed the night with 90s dance moves and a medley of hits. They lifted the crowd and rewarded committed fans delivering a mix of old and new. They fitted well into the headline slot from the response of the crowd of various ages to finish the festival on a high including an encore. The festival in a day continues to be a popular, enjoyable and sell out event for Radio 2 with its loyal listeners and popular music line up.