Florida Georgia Line star Brian Kelley stunned his wife, Brittney, with his vow renewal plans last month (Dec18), giving her a day to find the perfect wedding dress.

The romantic singer whisked his bride off on a fifth wedding anniversary break to Big Sur, California and then revealed he had booked a big ceremony to honour their vows.

The couple dashed to a local Macy's store to get kitted out for the renewal.

"We found a really cool jacket but at first, it was a little bit of a panic because we couldn't find a white dress," Brittney tells Taste of Country. "We got super excited when we found something casual, which is so us - casual and go with the flow."

Kelley fooled his wife into thinking they would renew their vows in another five years - on their 10th wedding anniversary - but he knew the time was right to honour his wife.

"The past five years have been such a blessing in our marriage and professionally, it’s just been a whirlwind," Kelley says. "We’ve soaked up every second, but five years felt like a good time to do it."

"To say those words and make that commitment again, I feel like we do it every day; we tell each other we love each other and we show it by our actions - but to have a spiritual little ceremony with both of us, it's just something I think we both needed after an amazing, long year... We just wanted to do that for ourselves."

The couple's ceremony overlooking the Pacific Ocean took place on 16 December (18).