Rapper Cardi B quit Twitter to escape the "disgusting" hoards of haters who were bugging her on the micro-blogging app.

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker was social media silent for over a month before returning to Twitter on Sunday (18Mar18), and on Tuesday the star finally revealed why she took a temporary tweet break.

"people are so negative and disgusting here," she wrote. "I had to log off, to much negativity is not good for the soul. It be people that don’t f**k with me to be the first ones under my tweets LIKE WHO SEND YOU? (sic)."

"I have a lot of people praying on my downfall," she added. "THEY GOING TO FEEL ME FIRST!!! ....KNOCK ME DOWN 9 times but i get up 10!!!"

But Cardi appreciates those who are kind to her, noting: "I love my fans sooo much tho BARDIGANG. The real ones thoo!!".

In her weekend return to Twitter, the beauty told fans she has left her native New York City to work out of state on her highly anticipated debut album.

"Working, working, working... Album coming," she tweeted, before sharing more details about the project on Monday.

"I don’t know how people can move from state to state. Its so hard for me to adapt to any place but New York... Like Chic fil A is cool but there's nothing like a chop cheese sandwich around this time."

Cardi may have blown up the spot on her location, by revealing her Atlanta-based fiance Offset was grabbing her some food from the popular U.S. fast food chain.

"My man getting me some chick fil A at this time means Soo much to me then any Jewerly (sic) he ever got me," she gushed, before admitting she is more homesick than she thought possible: "I haven’t been to New York in a MONTH!! I miss my my moms Ya motherf**kers better love this album (sic)."