Popular singers Deborah C, Ludwig Galea, Phyllisienne Brinact, Olivia Lewis, Lyndsay Pace, Julie Pomorski, Maria Abdilla, Corazon, Dario Bezzina, Neville Refalo, Laura Bruno, Destiny and Aidan Cassar will be accompanying upcoming singers all of whom were finalists in the Entertainers Singing Challenge, in a series of duets during this week’s final edition of THE ENTERTAINERS, Net Television’s Saturday evening prime time show that is aired between 20.30 and 23.00 hrs

Hosted by popular singer and showman Janvil, the show will present televiewers with more than two hours and forty five minutes of live entertainment provided by the Spiteri Lucas Band, dancers from Pro Touch Dance Academy, Fashion Time and various competitions with attractive prizes amounting to more than 2000 Euros in total.


Music News Malta Editor -- Mr Joseph Portelli